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General chat not necessarily related to your animations. You can also report bugs and request new features in here.

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Comments on public animations.

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Comments on "Shark and MrTreewater is like theanimator mascots" by TRAngA - TRAngA440 minutes ago
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Comments on "Choose, "yes," or "no," in the comments." by Ai- - Ai-15an hour ago
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Comments on "Me waiting for class to end" by YEET_UR_FACE_OFF - YEET_UR_FACE_OFF8an hour ago
Comments on "beautiful" by mcdill - mcdill2an hour ago
Comments on "I dont feel like trying I hate using a mouse" by Scales - Scales1an hour ago
Comments on "find the dot!" by JBSuperboy16 - JBSuperboy165an hour ago
Comments on "Another Mobile Animation Because H-" by animatorweasel - animatorweasel2an hour ago
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Comments on "Among Us Meme" by animatorweasel - animatorweasel32 hours ago
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