The Animator

Animation For Schools

Using The Animator with your pupils/students

Many schools use The Animator with their classes. You are also welcome to - free of charge. As outlined in the general terms, the website is provided without warranty or guaranteed uptime.

The website was deliberately designed to be easy to use for children, with a limited selection of tools and clear iconography. It is intended to allow easy creation of simple flip-book style animations. You can find some very impressive creations in the public gallery.

If you use the website with your classes, please ensure that your IT department allows incoming emails from the "" domain. When registering, your pupils/students will be required to click the verification link emailed to them before they are able to contribute animations. If emails from the domain are not allowed, the email will bounce and your pupil/student will not be able to verify their address and contribute.

Private hosting for your school

For a fee, The Animator can be privately hosted for your school with its own database and storage. Privately hosted versions can be secured to only allow access from your school. Additionally, a privately hosted version can be located in a geographic location of your choice to be compliant with local laws.

If you'd like to discuss private hosting, please email us with details of your requirements and expected numbers of students for a quote.

Quoted costs will be on annual terms in GBP.