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Terms & conditions

General Terms

This website is made available to you free of charge. There is no warranty or guarantee of availability. From time-to-time, it may be necessary to take the website down for essential maintenance.

The website is made by and copyright Lantern Web Limited.

When you contribute an animation or image, you retain the copyright. You grant this website licence to store and distribute those images and animations. This is essential for the website to function.

The website is hosted in Ireland and managed from the UK and is governed by the applicable laws in those territories.

Acceptable use

All contributions to this website must be suitable for all ages. Unsuitable contributions will be hidden or deleted. Deliberately contributing unsuitable content may result in a temporary or permanent ban from the website.

Unsuitable contributions include (but are not limited to):

  • Excessive violence, blood and gore
  • Sexual or implied sexual content
  • Nudity
  • Swearing, including masked (using e.g. asterisks) and misspelt swearing
  • Spam - excessive contribution of little value, or for marketing purposes

Age suitability and moderation

In line with the other terms shown on this page, this website should be suitable for all ages.

The website is reactively moderated and relies on its users to report unsuitable contributions. If you see anything unsuitable, please report it and it will be taken down as soon as possible.


If you breach these terms, your account may be temporarily or permanently banned. Normally you will be warned first, unless it is clear that you are only contributing in order to cause trouble or spam the site.

Temporary bans

If you are temporarily banned, your ability to post in comment threads and publish public animations will be revoked. Normally this will be a period of one or two days. Longer bans may be used depending on the nature of the offences.

Permanent bans

If you are permanently banned, your account will be frozen and you will unable to sign-or contribute.

If you have multiple associated accounts, those may also be banned.

Permanent bans are non-negotiable and will not be reversed.