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Data Protection

The data for this website is hosted in Ireland in the European Union.

The website is built and administered in England in the UK.

No data collected by this website is sold to any third party companies or used for marketing purposes whatsoever.

Data is controlled by Lantern Web Limited - registered in England and Wales with company number 07740122. Enquiries welcome by email.

Collected Data

The website only collects data necessary for the website to perform its functions. Collected personal data is as follows:

  • Email address - only for identification and password reset purposes. No marketing will ever be sent to your email address
  • IP address - recorded only for the purpose of identifying and mitigating misuse of the site


The website only uses essential cookies for managing your signed-in status. Third party cookies are used by the services below.

Third Party Analytics

The website uses Google Analytics to monitor usage of the site over time. This data is used to improve your experience on the website.

The website uses Sentry to monitor errors you may experience on the site. Error data is used to help fix issues with the website programming.


The website uses Google Adsense to show advertising on certain pages. The money earned from advertising is used to help fund the costs of running the website.

Ads have been configured to be appropriate to the website audience.