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dan (admin)25 days ago

Some common feature requests I get and some answers so you know 😁

> Can we have sound/music?

Sorry, no. Copyright and abuse issues will be impossible for me to manage.

> Can we import/upload images?

No, same issues as above

> Can we have layers in the editor?

I am considering it. It is complex and needs a complete overhaul of the way the editor works.

> Can we have higher resolution animations?

Working on it. May take some time.

> Can we see people's online status?

Probably not. It places much higher demands (and costs) on my server. I'm not sure about safety implications too.

> Can we collaborate with animations?

I won't make a realtime collaboration tool. It's too complex and server intensive. I have ideas for other ways to collaborate in the future.

> Can we have private messaging?

I definitely will not do this for safety reasons.

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yonatan7 days ago


sirpotato7 days ago

uh... yes

Katia-love7 days ago


Katia-love7 days ago


Katia-love7 days ago

I have got back on here

Katia-love7 days ago


@dan can you make it so that we can edit our comments if we made a mistake and we can change the fonts and maybe we could put some emojis.

yonatan7 days ago

@sirpotato COME BACK I SOrY :(

sirpotato7 days ago


HANAandPAPER7 days ago

thank you very much for this page :3

CookOWO6 days ago


sobentep6 days ago


CookOWO5 days ago

@dan can you make it so that we don't have to reload the page every time we are waiting for someone to comment. Like maybe when someone is commenting it says who is and there is a:





in that pattern.

yonatan5 days ago


Dream5 days ago

can you add shortcuts or move and select tool

Firestar5 days ago

search up names

yonatan4 days ago


Krillin5053 days ago

dan is not talking cuz he said when he moves to a new house he wont get a wifi for week so...yeah this is bad

azharsu2 days ago

@dan this is not suggestion but if a human look dumb and stupid their not crazy their being human.

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