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FAQs - feature requests

dan (admin)4 months ago

Some common feature requests I get and some answers so you know 😁

> Can we have sound/music?

Sorry, no. Copyright and abuse issues will be impossible for me to manage.

> Can we import/upload images?

No, same issues as above

> Can we have layers in the editor?

I am considering it. It is complex and needs a complete overhaul of the way the editor works.

> Can we have higher resolution animations?

Working on it. May take some time.

> Can we see people's online status?

Probably not. It places much higher demands (and costs) on my server. I'm not sure about safety implications too.

> Can we collaborate with animations?

I won't make a realtime collaboration tool. It's too complex and server intensive. I have ideas for other ways to collaborate in the future.

> Can we have private messaging?

I definitely will not do this for safety reasons.

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TheArtGeek9 days ago

And also, could we (maybe?) have autocorrect on our comments? It might be a bad idea because of,

suggestions the autocorrect could make that are inappropriate or could cause confusion or smth. Also, I'm not sure what other people feel about this idea because it's all a matter of opinion! Thanks again @dan :)

fartman_poo8 days ago

I like the Idea @TheArtGeek hopefully it is a good auto correct system

Guygs I don’t l8ke @dan not saying anything give the man a good moth

KatsukiBakugou8 days ago

AN E D I T COMMENT BUTTON! @dan @dan @dan

Onyx7 days ago

the idea of editing comments might not work because of trolling reasons though.

sharkblade9007 days ago

roki roki no rokkun rokkun rooru

Guys I don’t think Dan is talking this three months ago So I guess he doesn’t talk to us no more no stop it why are you Shazam is Becca life on the animator because guess what he’s alive on the animator but he just don’t want to take all his notifications all he does is lock stuff but you don’t check your notifications I don’t think Dan I don’t think he likes stuff like you don’t want OK watching pocket socket come on answer his 🦫 I don’t know 🔒 it or uh🔓🔏🔐 hah











messages so

I think we should leave



Mad mad

mad !!!!!!! 😡

sunny7 days ago

@Imtobeiskingsister2Again nah, @dan 's probably still reading this. of course, I could very possibly be wrong, and I'm not trying to be rude to you.

@sunny how do u konw 😜

sunny7 days ago

So @sunny I can pt guess so maybe everybody soy del give him 3 months leave him alone now

animatorweasel7 days ago

yall dont need to constantly @ dan when you ask him something

Starry_Gem7 days ago


GamerGodX26 days ago

an option to put your account on public/private and only allow certain people to access your account sir @dan? idk im just sayin something random.

sunny6 days ago

A redo button in the editor maybe?

at dan :)

tanjiroKamado4 days ago

Oh hi dan



Because I need it for most of my animation ideas.

But can you make it so that... for example: I have 3 frames. But I go to frame 2 and it's a copy of frame 1. I rotate the thing in frame 2 and frame 1 thing moves as well.

Can you make sure that doesn't happen?

StarryNight2 hours ago


I was thinking about preset characters

Like the people on the front page of the site can be presets with.... preset animations :D

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