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FAQs - feature requests

3yr ago

Some common feature requests I get and some answers so you know 😁

Can we have sound/music?

Sorry, no. Copyright and abuse issues will be impossible for me to manage.

Can we import/upload images?

No, same issues as above

Can we have layers in the editor?

I am considering it. It is complex and needs a complete overhaul of the way the editor works.

Can we have higher resolution animations?

Working on it. May take some time.

Can we see people's online status?

Probably not. It places much higher demands (and costs) on my server. I'm not sure about safety implications too.

Can we collaborate with animations?

I won't make a realtime collaboration tool. It's too complex and server intensive. I have ideas for other ways to collaborate in the future.

Can we have private messaging?

I definitely will not do this for safety reasons.

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Day 1 of asking dan to make another competition.

Day 2 of asking dan to make another competition.

@MagicDragon7777 said:

Day 2 of asking @Dan to make another competition. (forgo to but "@")

Day 3 of asking @Dan to make another competition.

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3mo ago

add zoom tweenbot OR ability to size up ot size down drawings

3mo ago
3mo ago

basically a resize feature would be super cool

3mo ago

I want a zooming thing, because i want to make animatics, but zoom is best for smooth but still moving stuff. And a rotate feature, but these kind of are harder, since they manipulate the pyxel, i think

layer opacity and being able to move layers around

There should be that thing where you can just trace a specific part of the layer and move it around- would make it much easier for making glitch animations.

2mo ago

Nasa, the multibillion dollar government company, would like you to add the ability to block people.

aDD CHiCKeN NuGGEts and FrIEs for $5.74 add tax of $2.55

yeah i dont think he's gonna listen to our recommendations

Dear @Dan, it would be wonderful! if we had a resizing tool, text tool, and other shapes (like hearts and stars.) in the editor.

Maybe make auto-straighten @Dan? Like when a line is made, it straightens out so animations don't look insanely jittery?

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descriptions to profiles @Dan

17d ago

a way to import .PNG files.

@Dan copy and paste...?

Dark mode, my eyes hurt a little

6d ago


a way to export or download animations that you have made.

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