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Weekly competition - animate for the website!

dan (admin)4 months ago

Hi all!

Slightly different competition this week. The theme is "not found".

This website has a fairly rubbish 404 page e.g. - so I'd like you to create animations with the theme "not found" and I'll embed the winners on the 404 page itself!

Slightly different rules this time - I'll select the winners myself and embed them in the page with a link back to your profiles. No need to solicit reactions this time! You'll get the customary competition winner badge too, of course.

Please keep this thread on-topic and don't post the same animation more than once please! If you update and republish an animation, don't worry, I will see the newest version when I look through.

You have until *Saturday* morning, my time in the UK.

Good luck!

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yonatan4 months ago

:l ok

TheMooseMaster4 months ago

Nvm I deleted it

BooNoo2864 months ago


bonbon4 months ago
kittysaurus34 months ago

What is supposed to happen here?

LeSpark4 months ago

I just finished @dan


kittysaurus34 months ago

Ok this happened

kittysaurus34 months ago

Why does everybody spam too?

BooNoo2864 months ago

I might do this lol

BooNoo2864 months ago

Alright. done

BooNoo2864 months ago

Idk if im gonna win but its worth it-

BooNoo2864 months ago

updated version:

Epicxz4 months ago


FoxSpirit4 months ago

Has the winner been decided yet @dan

Epicxz4 months ago

12:38 , its ended.

FoxSpirit4 months ago

I know.

FoxSpirit4 months ago

Now we wait...

dan (admin)4 months ago

Thanks for all the entries! It'll take me some time to go through it all, so I'll post another thread when I have done so.

Great work everyone!

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