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Posting rules & code of conduct

3yr ago

Please read and understand the following rules before posting in comments:

- No swearing or other bad language. This includes masked (***) swearing, or misspelt swearing. Also includes your username.

- No spamming. This includes multiple identical posts and blocks of nonsense copied and pasted in.

- No links to video/audio chat sessions.

- Be nice, please. No need to critique someone's work unless they ask you to. Do not deliberately try to offend or upset someone. We are all here for fun, not drama.

- Do not register multiple accounts to have a conversation with yourself for drama purposes.

- Do not impersonate someone else.

If you break these rules, you may be post-banned for a day or two. If it is clear you wanted to cause deliberate trouble, you will be fully banned along with your duplicate accounts.

3yr ago

To be clear - I know when you have multiple accounts and *will* ban them all.

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