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Rate all three o dees dudes :3 by MikuMikugremlin85

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  • Created: 2 months ago
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  • Length: 25 frames, 2.5s
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Comments on "Rate all three o dees dudes :3" by MikuMikugremlin85

I like the first one :3

Dude 1. 10/10

Dude 2. 10/10

Dude 3. 10/10

all of them are good


1. oh my god

2. that long ha- great oml

3. this looks like someone but i 4got who

TY but the 3rd one I’m sorry but

Go away XD

Wait... look at the first one for a second.. DOESNT HE LOOK LIKE MOCHIZOU?!




Numero Uno Reverse: 9.5/10

Two: 8/10

Treeeeee: 8.5/10

(I'm not even sure I rated them right for my opinion. I LOVE THEM!!)


They are bots!

Oof why did it auto correct it

I meant they look like bts

Lol 1st one is gonna be mah guy OC so yea

Oh cuz bts look sooo handsome

*jaw drops* I aM oFfeNdeD (JK don’t take it literally)



the first dude looks so much like amatsuki =w=

totally diggin'

Lol ty

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