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Animators ;3 (guess who :D) by MikuMikugremlin85

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Comments on "Animators ;3 (guess who :D)" by MikuMikugremlin85

Done! Ask to be in! Guess who these animators are!

who is the third one?

Can’t say...

And if u know who they are say em! (If u aren’t them lol)

hmmmmmm I dont know I might been new and never knew that person ;(

Nope they are still on

1 Ai-

2 sharkblade900

3 idk

4 anibot

5 idk

oops there isn't a 5 XD

There no 5 lol



ooo wait is 3 fox spirit?

good night UcU

I think 3 is fox spirit

it kinda looks like him

XD こんにちは

Ty :3 I shall not give answers now :3


Sure :3 there is a five I will hide ur comment bc of the guess who part

but if u say u want to be in ppl would know the answers cuz you said if you want to be in so I didn't want to be added cuz I dont want to ruin mikumikugremlins animation but Idk maybe she can hide it or something ;|

5. glove boi (glovy)

btw I rlly like how Miku draws cuz I dont now how to draw so well

u do draw well >:(

yea but not as good as you do it

LIKE I can't even draw a eye that's why a just do a thick line for the eyes

me please?

I know I don't do much for you but I really want to be added 😁

ik shark blade is in here but the dud with the wings like wha

he is ############

I think

someone being first again B>

3rd is foxspirit for sure also... it's a she AND ALSO HER GAIR IS DARK BROWN

hey : <


a very beautiful person XD

shark the blade (900 of them)


anibot(101) oh no i meant 202 im sorry i meant 303 wait no i mean 404.. oml i meant 505


an animal that looks like a cat for some reason

the last one i meant weasel xd

dang for the first one i should've put, "your lawyer"

I want to cry

I gotta make a 2nd o dis

Miku d u have a fav pokemon??????


Wimsicot is my favorite to fight with

This dude:

oml i forgot about megnanium

oh well i already chose eevee ;-;


me talking about pokemon

I know-

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