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how old is your oc? by sharkblade900

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Comments on "how old is your oc?" by sharkblade900

BubblesFlew13 days ago

age? or how long i had it?

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wolfy71113 days ago

depends which one but my main is 21

sharkblade90013 days ago

is anyone else a toddler-?

StarryNight13 days ago

Indi doesn't have one and Starry is 25.

MissDragonet12 days ago

mine is like 3 years old (but like 3 yrs old in dragon years.....cuz yea) Her name is Terror (I was like 5 when i named this character idk why i picked Terror)

MissDragonet12 days ago

Then i have another who's like..........14? I can't remember o nu 0w0

LeSpark12 days ago

My oc's like....14 or sum

Milk_Choco12 days ago

My oc Is 21 Years Old & In Real Life I'm Only 8 Soo Yeah

Cuploaf12 days ago

ah shes ZERO~

LeSpark12 days ago


She's i n f i n i t e

Onyx12 days ago

PPFFT i thought you were joking when you said shes three- wut

s1240984312 days ago


s1240984312 days ago

the first one i had was 21 and the second one was 15

s1240984312 days ago

my current is 12 tho

AshRose12 days ago

idk i think my oc would be like 13-14

Ai-sAlt12 days ago

*my age-*

animatorweasel12 days ago

On the outside, idk... 12? 13?

On the inside it is a dumb 2 y/o.

bonbon12 days ago

mines is 16

idk mine

oofyy10 days ago

mines is 14

stick_man5 days ago

16 fo sho

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