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by sharkblade900

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Comments on "" by sharkblade900

StarryNight16 days ago

More toon link, I see.

LebrontheGoat2316 days ago

i like this mario drawing

MakiyahArt16 days ago


sharkblade90016 days ago

I'm just reminding myself that Toon Link is the only Link that achieves his goal.

StarryNight16 days ago


oofyy16 days ago

linky pinky

StarryNight16 days ago

s m o l l i n k

(speaking of link thank you for reminding me to steal my brother's cartridge for botw)

LeSpark16 days ago

My brother loves this (he loves anything Legend of Zelda)

MissDragonet15 days ago

lel this is bootiful

Ramon15 days ago

oh yesterday i was playing wind waker

sharkblade90015 days ago

gfujaslfhbaslf Zelda in wind waker is frikkin adorable

lilechobean15 days ago

this is the best.i wanna draw like thatUwU

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