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Hey, guys... by MikuMikugremlin85

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I want to say some more things like I did in this animation

S***** isn’t a joke. It’s just about the most serious thing I can think of. And a ton of people on here fake it. I don’t think anyone on here should talk too much about depression even if they have it. If you are depressed then talk to family or a consular. I am actually going through something serious, but I try to keep myself together on here. I really want my page to make people happy, not to worry or to be sad on. I know this is the most happy, fluffy post but I feel like I should make these once in a while.

Thank you for reading this

i agree, 100%. If you really had depression, its your fault your not doing anything about it. go see a therapist or talk to someone. it ain't hard.

I also agree. I'm currently going through smth too, and it really makes me think (?) when people mention this stuff. There are people like BubblesFlew who are actually suffering while others are saying "OmL lMaO I haVe dEprEsSed!!!11! I'Ve BEEn SaD fOr 2 SecOnds! OmL I nEed 10 liKEs To LivE!!!111!". Once again, you're gaining nothing. It doesn't matter who you are in a situation (i.e. Actually suffering, acting like you are suffering, etc), someone is bound to get hurt.

the only reason why i do it because it distracts me from whats going on and u guys help me no hurt myself

to not*


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