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ANima talk (only for anime nerds) by TheDestroyer

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Comments on "ANima talk (only for anime nerds)" by TheDestroyer

im so HYPED For the next epsiode of ATTACK ON TITAN ON SUNDAY(I wont spoil it for yall but if u know what happenes then u know why im so hype for ep6)


aot is a great anime its just that too many people die


my favorite anime (i actually like 2)is, is it wrong to pick up girls in a dongeon, and scissor seven(is on netflix)

my fav character is hange

maid sama

naruto is my favorite animeeeeeeeee

Demon Slayer



mha is my favoriteeeeee then after that, Danganronpa

i can't wait for season 5

after mha is naruto

for me it's BNHA, Danganronpa, Haikyu, Demon Slayer, Angels of death, then Attack on Titan- :3

I watch reborn.


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