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preview for the 4th grade Ep 2 by TheDestroyer

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Comments on "preview for the 4th grade Ep 2" by TheDestroyer

add me or you'll wake up next to James charles


I hd no idea what I was saying... and who said it, me or glitch?

both of yall said it

"u think im scared of you, if anything, im scared 4 u"

your line cookie is "you think u can scare me if anything im scared for you"

heyo can i be in it if its not too much? i'm a big fan, that's all :^

ooooooohhh.... but who said it. My mouth and glitch's mouth is moving at the same time.

soryy if i didn't add no one but remeber dis is a preview not an episode

if u want to join den tell me

yes you can join RooTBEEr


can I join-?

yay :> oc is here:

i wanna join =w=

oc --->

Cameron... you do know that me and glitch have control over our own sides of the body. So if glitch is talking then his side of the mouth would be talking, plus glitch likes picking fights and killing and stuff.

oki il keep dat in mind cookie and yes Makiyah and Ashrose can join also

thx =w=

if ur not on the list den ur join on ep 3



Trangan(idk if i splled that right)




anyone else joing will have to wait

all these ppl will be in ep 2 and 3 and so on

can i

my oc is here

yes u can be in one ep 3

that was awesome



can i join??


(heres my oc just in case

(the link isnt working so

you know what just pick one of those cause the link isnt working

Slam DUNK!!


ok Ai- i see how it is always hating

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