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we need to separate therians and furries.

16d ago

they are *not* the same. In fact, most of these groups dont mix, and things like "being an animal and shifting" is solely therian. Furries, just like cosplaying, and the thought of being a humanoid animal. But most furries dont believe they are therians, and dont think they had a past life, and can't shift, but therians, can, "shift" means a psychological state of species dysphoria, which makes therians feel more akin to their animal side, and less human. I am a furry, and I don't think I have an inner dog or cat, or had a past life, and can shift, and stuff. Basically Charmander dude was just a therian im pretty sure. Do not mix them up, theres rules to this lol

emotional connection vs physical attraction

14d ago


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