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Found a way to go to sleep on command.

8mo ago

I was hearing a song, this one specifically, , and I was so freaking tired when I first heard it, so I replayed it for like three hours, and when I was slipping through being awake and asleep, and I kept falling asleep hearing, and now whenever I hear it, I automatically start falling asleep, but if I dont want to go to sleep, than I just change the song, before I get drowsy.

whoah ok

why is this post making me tired and not the actual song itself


Iā€™m always tired (my sleep schedule is destroyed)

8mo ago

HEY (honestly same) I wake up at 5 thirty and dont get home till 3 and then get ready for a friendsgiving ugh-


i miss you tbh

8mo ago

its been a whole week already

not trying to sound weird or anything its just the breaks been feeling boring cause i haven't been able to do something. i guess school makes you sane only for a while at best



7mo ago

The song woke me up even more šŸ˜­

Sobbing, I wanted to take a nap

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