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I haven't animated in a while

I haven't really been animating.

I want to animate, but I've really been lacking motivation recently. I know people may not look forward to my animations, but it kinda feels like I've been holding out on this site. I'll probably be back in a little bit though. Just think of my lack of animations as sort of a hiatus.

17d ago

yeah same. I feel like i try so hard, for absolutely nothing L, but yk, idrc. I just draw even though no one sees it :/


Yeah, I get that. My account may not show it, but I've animated a lot more than I've posted. And ironically enough, I also draw a lot more than I animate.

The animations I do post are the ones that I've finished. The ones I don't finish get deleted eventually. So, most of my animations, which are the unfinished ones, will never be viewed by anyone.

I also have motivational issues with this stuff as well =P

I usually draw more in my sketchbook or do stuff on scratch than go on here

17d ago

yeah same

Oh I remember you wanted a hat, now that hat is motivation.

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