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Hello. Just an update on how I'm doin.

GamerGodX210 days ago

I know yall didn't ask and I'm still doin it anyways so ye. Life has been okay much. Began to see my dad more and soon, at 7, ima head out with my dad. I won't be back till sunday pst. And probably ima go download Genshin Impact cause why not. I also been trying too find games I used to play that I stopped playing about a month ago. so ye. that's that. peace mates. see yall on sunday pst.

StarryNight10 days ago


Nice to know that you're doing well :3

sharkblade90010 days ago

eyo that's great you're feeling better :>

GamerGodX210 days ago

mhm ty :D. Also for some reason i thought it was a good idea to stay up 48 hours-

StarryNight10 days ago

child why- :D

GamerGodX210 days ago

Idk- :D

Tiger10 days ago

@StarryNight he is on drugs lol

StarryNight10 days ago

makes sense 🤔

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