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vent ;p

KatsukiBakugou4 days ago

Gosh- i have three essays i have to get done and i have nothing on all of them and im so tired and i want to sleep but i also need to get some work done it is almost 11 at night, i have to get up at 6, I wanna cry, im very lonely, wish bubbles was here with me so i could give them hugs, wish my family was nicer to me, wish i could see my freinds, wish i didnt have to ask for peoples phone numbers because my parents go thru my phone anyways.

Well if you read this thank you so much I love and appreciate you <3

KatsukiBakugou4 days ago

im gonna hate myself tommorow but im going to sleep...

LeSpark4 days ago

That all sounds terrible


Just take it one step at a time

ifly mWaH

KatsukiBakugou4 days ago

omg this means a lot actually

ifly more you are amazing thank you sparky!



s124098434 days ago

Just relax and crack down on the essays. Think about nothing but them. It is a good way to escape reality for a bit AND get work done faster

s124098434 days ago

Music might help but not if you get too distracted by it

KatsukiBakugou4 days ago

thank you <3

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