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...My little bro is killing everyone

LeSpark7 days ago

Okay, so I can see how the title may cause sum alarm but he's just killing everyone in Undertale rn

He's technically doing the neutral route but he's killing almost everyone he meets-

(also, "Ruins" - as in the song - is getting really annoying ._.)

LeSpark7 days ago

(And he's sparing Napstablook because we both love him)

i thought you would have said in fortnite

LeSpark7 days ago

No, he'd suck at fortnite (we don't have anything to play it on but I just know)

AlanSama7 days ago

I'd do Pacifist ngl

LeSpark7 days ago

I am currently doing Pacifist but I'm thinking about doing Genocide

Aaaaad now my brother doesn't know whether or not to kill goat momma

He's intimidated lol

wolfy7117 days ago

wait wut r u playin undertale on? a switch?

LeSpark6 days ago


(but we're not allowed to link a nintendo acc)

wolfy7116 days ago


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