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Who are my parents???

i'm confused.. Papa Fox i know.

but who is my other parent..? Mama Starry or Daddy Bubbles..?

BubblesFlew6 days ago

im the stepdad but starry is your birth mom

ohhh okie! :D

StarryNight6 days ago

I'm your r e a l mother.

S t a y w i t h m e.

Plasma6 days ago

oml what *shoves popcorn in mouth

StarryNight6 days ago

I l o v e y o u c h i l d.

Plasma6 days ago

Whats happening @StarryNight

umm okay mama!

LeSpark6 days ago

Everyone's just one huge family

And here I am, a single pringle sipping sum Coke lol

bonbon6 days ago


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