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This isn’t a complaint it’s a suggestion, maybe you should add chat filters. Not ones that block anything potentially bad, just for swears you know.

It’s probably be a lot of work


It’d probably be a lot of work***

Or hire moderators idk,

I don’t want this to have to be a serious investment for u


Damn why am I not expelled anq


D a n *


uh Dan

No offense but I don’t think Dan, an adult, would say “too” as “two”

I don’t want to argue about this so I’m gonna leave this here

lol im jokin

Ik. Which is why I’m saying maybe don’t do that,




That’s me rolling my eyes 👀


Lol I’ll stop now


what it means

i wanna b a mod for this place

i mean im p good if i get it tho

sowwy bubbles


Sh*t don't hide bro

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