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gun shop rp

welcome to my gun shop, i have the best quality of gun, grenade and combat knife

*can i get an ak47*

where you from?

new york

can i hav a 50 cal

sorry lebron it stated that it illegal to sell ak47 in america you can still buy other gun

i have business to solve


what are availible?

but jameson here your gun

can i have a 50 cal

thank you

well we have tectical weapon

ok i will take that instead

how much money for it

what type pistol or sub machine

yeah how much

sub machine

jameson the sniper will be cos 4500

ill pay for me andd lebrons

how about 500 gold bars


ok nice it will 6500 dollar



ok here *gives 700 dollars ) keep the change

i mean 7000

*runs out of store*


and *gives five gold bars


also can i have a tactical ar



imma be back

ok tacticle ar eh

*gos in my car*

let me check

oh here aks_74U

how much

it already been paid sir

good give me a knife and semteck while ur at it

wait *goes back to store*

ok here you


hello im back



*gives 2400 dollars

what you want lebron

oh i wanted i knife and a gernade


ok what type of grenade

(he looking up what gernades)

a grenade launcher

you that illegal right

just give it to him

i want bolt action sniper rifle

and AK

sorry ak is illigal

and i want shotgun toooooo

just give it to em

give it to the 8 year old (me)


fine i will take shotgun

i will not give a gun to you bon bon

ill pay double


i have played fortnite before cmonnnnnnnnn

fine take this shotgun


*gives 5 mil

can i also have a sniper plssssssssssss

i will use it the wrong way


I WANT A SNIPER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! pls


bon bon something else


but i need a sniper why am i not able to have

i gonna go animal hunting

i cant give credit

do you sell candy

can i have a rocket launcher


i mean nooooooooooooo

*sees robber


*shoots robber


i want this

this is so not fairrrrrrrrrrr

i gonna give you my special weapon

the mpcs in fortnite they give us rocket launcherrrrrrrrrrrrr

what is ur special weapon??

just do it


you want the special or what

ok this is it


it a paper




give him a rpg😡

just sign this with your blood and the special weapon will be your

ya know what? im gonna rob the storeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


bonbon calm

but warning this could kill your entire family

*cuts my hand and writes bonbon*

*puts gun up to azharsus head

give him the gun

i know


dont worry once he got a motor cycle he dont need a gun

ima sheeeeeeeeeeeee

im a girl i mean

give him the rpg *gets ready to pull trigger

ok once she got a motor cycle she dont need a gun

(srry bobon)



bonbon cover your eyes


*covers eyes*

give her the rpg



you forgot the ammo

give it


now get out before i shoot you

who are u gonna shoot

pls not meeeeeee

you both

*pulls trigger on azharsu

you still forgot the ammo

noooooooo dont kill mee im only 8


no i had some in my pocket

bonbon run


im going to write this as a story


run now


throws semteck on azharsu

who did you shoot azharsu

idk i just shoot

reloads gun

am i ded

and jame you spell semtex wrong so i give you a water grenade instead


oh shoot i was reprograming

anyway *shoot

someone help i bumped into a treeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

*goes in front of the bulllets*

*deflects bullet


back off

ah frick my hand

oh wait i thought lebron was ded

yay everyone is alive

nah imma robot

guess i have to call the police

his hand was shot

i was reprograming

back off i swear

uh im out guys come to my car

*heals hand

*gets in lebrons car*

hey bon bon


james come on

remember the paper

in a min


he has sign it

the paper is useless



but why is an 8 yr here

he will turn to ghost rider in any time

*realizes i have no weapon*

im not gonna say

Has anyone here ever actually shot anything?

Not in the rude way I’m just curious


im the 8 yr lebron

(i have hehe)

and i play fortnite toooooo


ik but why r u here

Ye Jameson LES GOOO

oh what you have

your hand might have a little pain

so when i went back on the animator i noticed this thread and i decided to join

onyx came to

oh lol

what the meaning of this jame

soooooooooooooooo back to the fight

i am healing u

wait here bonbon dont mess up my car


oh look the police arrive

we are playing fortnite in reality


uh oh

u didnt call them tho lol

*runs from the police*

*runs fast*

*puts cops to sleep

*take a grenade and pull the trigger


*comes back*

im in weeping woods its a place if fortnite


*erases cops memory

im comin bonbon

oof io guards

wait ur at the woods

they drop tactical ars

oh nooo

no fortnite

im knocked out heal meeeeeeeee

huh im by u

hey guys im back

this all happened because of me

it ok

you ruin my shop

no i had no shop

*jumps off a cliff*

ill take you to my car

*flies and saves bon bon

can i follow you guys


bon bon is hurt


james u decide

yey im saved

look we all are runner from the cop

i had no idea why i jumped of a cliff

they wont remeber anything everyone follow me

u calle the cops azharsu

oh cool

well you guys kinda getting hard on my shop so

follow me

*follows Jameson_games*

ok right behind ya

where are we now?

*follows James*

bonbon u want my phone


goes to cops *puts cops to sleep and erases their memory

*waves hand and fixes azharsu

no dont give it

*gives phone to bonbon*

this is so fun

*take the phone


noooooooo why would u take phone

goes to cops *puts cops to sleep and erases their memory

*waves hand and fixes azharsu

we have be careful

goes to cops *puts cops to sleep and erases their memory

*waves hand and fixes azharsus shop

i know

if we make a call we doom cop can track us



they wont ima demon i can put a spell on us if u would like

do it

let gt out of here

plus wheree are we going

i know where we go

we will go to Kuala Lumpur


* puts spell on us

*teleports us to my mansion


oh frick nice house




dang its better then mines

ive had better its only 500 bedrooms 400 bathrooms and 50 game rooms and anything u need

more cops are after us

why i felt like i forget something


idk i forgot something

they came from the spawner

*teleports mansion into my dimension

is there candy in your dimension

wow we at nether

no not the nether

bon bon just clap and ask it will apear

so what is it?



its a dimension i created

what is it called

so you control everything

u got a ps5?????????

I call it well i dont have a name for it


i know

i have millions lebron




can you send us an image of what your dimension looks like

yeah nobody talk to me for the next year imma be on my ps5 now

i dunno


make yourself comfertable

ooh u got my gun still

i have no weapons.

not needed

ill give you powers if u want


i have

desert eagle and the paper bon bon sign

*signs paper*



you ready for the powers

welp in the future you will be look like this guy


you wanna play fortnite??????

here we go itll cost you tho

you do sign the paper with your blood right

yes ido

so you will be ghost rider

I need your guys souls for ur powers

i signed the paper *gives 1 million to james


bon bon i need urs not random ones

bonbon already have a power

i have to go to sleep just pretend im ded gn



ok y my soul

you wont need your souls


takes their souls

*grab jame hand tightly dont you dare

here *gives powers and gives wings

forbidden chicken wing

ahh *sucks up souls

*evil side growls I NEED MORE

*stabs myself

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