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Is jess online?

I wanna know cuz I am bored.

Hmm who is Jess?

His name is jesse but we call each other by our icknames we gave each other.

He is also my best friend.

A really nice person.

Honestly he is very nice once you get to know him.

No? Don’t think so


:0 oh ok what’s his full user?

Wait Jesse is a boy-

Yes, jesse is a boy.

H u h

"jesse" is his user.


I curious, what gender are you?

*message sent to: hola-.*

Me ?

Oh I’m a girl ;-; why?

Just curious is all.

Somtimes I wanna be a boy

:3 it’s ok

Boys act weird.

I am even admitting this because I have friends (boys) who are pretty weird themselves.

It's like girls are the normal ones.

(No Offence)



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