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Ok um... hewo I’m new- um did I come in a bad time 0-0


Bad timing, very much.

But welcome here. Most of the time we're a fun community.

I'm Tacopop, but you can call me taco for short.

I am one of the veterans.

Hope you enjoy your stay.

Ah ty <3

Hewo taco wanna be friends?

Hewo Im MakiyahArt Noice To Meet U U^U

Sure. I can help you around this site if you'd like.

need help? you can come to me.

Oki <3

Hello makiyuh?

:< sry if I spelled it wrong

Hola do you have an oc?

I'm bored and i need something to draw, it's ok if u don't. I can make one.

Sure I’ll try to make one I’m not good at drawing tho

It's fine, nobody has the same talents ^w^

Taco I just made my oc sorry I’m not the best artist but yea :3

hi, im wolfy : ) !!

i've been here for quite a while but ur welcome into our massive family <3

<3 hai Wolfy!

how did u find this place? : )

Well it’s night rn btw so I was so sleepy and my sister was talking about being an animator so I was like ok

Then I searched this up and I clicked on this so yea

thats interesting!

i cant really remember how i found this place as it was quite a while ago but i think i was looking for free animation software but saw this site and it kinda peaked my interest, ever since ive been coming on and off

Ooo cool :3

I came here by trying to find good free animation programs.

Ooo das cool

Hello hola, I am That_Random_Cookie I hope we can become great friends.

I found this site because a friend had told me about it and I became to addicted.

Now I have great friends.

I lie sometimes and I have problems with shipping and, well yeah.

Once again, I hope we can become great friends.


:3 hello cookie I heard a lot about you bc of makiyah

I also heard you shipped snowwolf

But it’s a shame she left :<

Oh, I was talked about.

Guess I'm famous now UwU.


People call me





ThatRandomCookie (but without the underscores)




:3 yea I guess your famous now

I’ll call the the Ultumit Cookie shipper qw< if you don’t mine



:O I don't mind at all.

I like that nickname.

Ultimate Cookie Shipper.

Makes me feel speacial, in a way.


Das gud >w<



Most of the time I prefer to be called "Cookie".


I’ll call u both <3

ok UwU


Oop I gtg cook chorizo

:3 for de first time

Let’s hope I don’t burn my house down

Wait,..... cook?

How old are you?

Just wanna know because now that statement made me wonder.

Awe man I didn’t get to burn the house down

I’m 12 ;-;



Mom said where going to Chinese Mexican ;3;

U didn;t get to burn the house down.



oh ur 12?

I am only 11 UwU

I am also gay and proud of it.

:0 LGBT+!


Wait,..... what LGBT stand for?

Lesbian,gay bisexual,transsexual

There’s more like pan,asexual


And other things :3

hola I am gonna send a link cuz I wanna show you mah OC.

Oh oki

Mah OC


Oop Cookie I gtg to eat chino



okey, byeee

Ok btw cookie

My fav song is escapa conmigo

:0 ik that song

Ultimate Cookie Shipper.


.0. Jesse um

I heard about u


Welcome XD to LE ANIMATOR *haters itensifies*

transexual doesnt exist, its transgender

;3; ok sry I guess I didn’t remember

Nope you didn’t come in a bad time

You came in the perfect time >:)

;-;.. 314 do you hate me it makes me feel like your planning something..

Oh I am Trust me

if u say or do anything to upset hola, u wont get to hear the end of it

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