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Drawing all the Wait characters! by MikuMikugremlin85

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Comments on "Drawing all the Wait characters!" by MikuMikugremlin85

all I have so far :/

i thought anna had blonde hair XD


I am just gonna asume those are anime names..... ;-;



Anna is named “anna” because she has a British dad and a Japanese mother

Megumi is well, Megumi

Umi is Umi for her blue hair (I know it means other things in different languages other than Japanese, so pls don’t think I have her a racist name her name means “sea” in Japanese)


And mios hair was pink when she was a bebe so yea (mio means beautiful cherry blossom)


ur welcome :DDDDDDDDD



I Have to sleep bye ;-;

Bye :3

I need to see your animations every day to learn HOW YOU DRAW THOSE EYES

I rlly dont know lol

They are really simple 0.0

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