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everyone is my favorite animator but these are 4 by 12727047

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  • Created: a month ago
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  • Length: 24 frames, 7.2s
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Comments on "my favorite 4 animators" by 12727047

Anyone who animates are my favorite that means whoever watches this is my favorite I don't only have four fav i just picked out 4 out of the million

aww thanks



everybody is my fav even if the animate badly or just docent know how the still me fav ;)

Same with me

Don't make these animations either. It makes people feel even more left out.



i made it to where no one is left out


Everyone should feel loved even if it doesn't look like it

And I'm sorry if i did make someone feel left out

itz ok

There are only 4 people here. SO MANY PEOPLE ARE GOING TO FEEL LEFT OUT!


It says at the very end that anyone who animates or watches is my favorite

I couldn't fit everyone in there so i only put 4

if i could fit everyone I would

it says at the end and those are only 4 everyone who animates or watches is my favorite. it says those exact words in the animation

thx :D

Oh. I didn't see there was more... sorry about that.... I didn't watch the whole animation....


its ok


Awwwww thanks man.

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