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my dad told me somin by MakiyahArt

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Comments on "my dad told me somin" by MakiyahArt

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but ill ignore her lol


Man, if she's bothering you this much, I would just just report every mean comment she posted and stuff.

ya i did that

i think she got banned because she made a acc called I_HATE_MAKIYAHFARTS



that word is annoying and stupid

ur so nasty, u act like a 4 yr old

and did u ever read: Post a comment using the text box below. Be nice - no bad language, and don't spam the site. Inappropriate posts will be removed and your account may be banned. The author of this page can hide any post in this thread.



yeah i read that -w- jeez- i'm jealous of your drawing skills, but i'd never be rude- then again it just depends on the person. :3 you are a really nice person Makiya! :3


aw thx eri chan :)

ur a nice person to and i love ur art -v-

aww thank you!! and i love your art too!! :3


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