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Vocaloid song theories! (Keep it family friendly) by MikuMikugremlin85

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Comments on "Vocaloid song theories! (Keep it family friendly)" by MikuMikugremlin85

Try to keep it family friendly but thought I would be fun to tell what we think the meaning of some vocaloid songs are!

My theory for skeleton orchestra and lilla sung by miku:

A girl (Miku or lilla) lives in a country that has no sound or music (idk if it’s no music, sound or everyone is deaf) and it’s a festival at the time. She has been looking for sound or a while. And then she doesn’t notice that it came back. She sees Orion in the theater and he has her go on a quest for sound. We don’t know how long the time has pasted from when she started to now. And it’s winter, and she’s gone color-blind. She finds sound and by now she is dieing. She hears Sound before she dies.

No Miku songs are allowed to end happy XD

wait hold on what they can get sexual-


Yeah that’s why it says F a m I l y f r I e n d l y XD

Ooof that came out rude sorry

how what im so confused arent these just songs


Link to Miku skeleton orchestra and lilla:

im not into vocaloid i didnt grow up near it

But what do you mean by aren’t these just songs?


idk ive just know hatsune and lol stage but yea

Wait whattttt

I’m so confused on what your talking about-

what is vocaloid

at first I thought electric angel was about a dog's feelings

but actually, after watching the music video i learnt it was about an AI wanting to hang around the person forever

Uh it’s a voice synthesizer welp a singing voice synthesizer and mostly Asian but can be from anywhere

Idk what else to say XD

Ooof shark XD

wait so hatsune miky can be anyone?????????

No there are hundreds of voicaloids

wait what

Some common ones are:

Lin & Rin




but its a voice suntreser whateever are these just characters?

But they all have different voices and genders

is V Flower a girl or boy?



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