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I had a upset tummy today by JBSuperboy16

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Comments on "I had a upset tummy today" by JBSuperboy16

JBSuperboy1622 days ago

My body is shaking and my night is ruined

JBSuperboy1622 days ago

Is it normal to have a shaking body when your not even cold?

animatorweasel22 days ago

You're probably sick

JBSuperboy1622 days ago


JBSuperboy1622 days ago
StarryNight22 days ago

It happens to me sadly.

One night, I suddenly was in a bunch of pain. I wanted to throw up but I never did. It ruined my night completely.

Nowadays, I shake whenever I'm sick. So, I guess so?

JBSuperboy1622 days ago

Yup, for some reason alot of saliva was in my mouth and it made me almost throw up

You ok man do the rash ow hurt

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