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HIT OR MISS!?!?! /meme/ by Charmander

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  • Created: 6 days ago
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  • Length: 129 frames, 12.801s
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Comments on "HIT OR MISS!?!?! /meme/" by Charmander

XxhuskiUwU6 days ago


Charmander6 days ago

Haha U U

robo_alex67456 days ago

the shipper toucheed skid how dare they wait i sound like a fangirl but how dare the welp skids mom took care of it or someone

Charmander6 days ago

That´s skid mom of coures U U

robo_alex67456 days ago

oh ok

@Charmander next time you make an anim that deals with Skid x Pump (like this one) can I be in it? U U Here me OC

Charmander4 days ago

Yes :>

thank u :>

also @Charmander join pls

Charmander4 days ago


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