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hahaugh by Ai-

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Comments on "hahaugh" by Ai-

Ai-14 days ago

This week is good with this and get the car is not in this email chain in your email address I gave him my phone died in his own way is a lot going and how do is to confirm with my parents so my dad to this weekend to confirm if I get any of them would I gave them to me for a few days and I have a few questions about the car and I will be there at like to know how do we go about getting the email address you to me that he had me on your break was just thinking about it and how is your day going so far my love I love you too baby girl and I will be there at like to confirm that I will be able to confirm the time

drro23414 days ago

what in the secure contained protected crud happened to your mother?

Ai-14 days ago

i happened to her 11 years ago

Ai-14 days ago

I just noticed what this drawing looks like and I assure you it is not that

Ai-14 days ago


NovaWolfie214 days ago

your very good

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