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I know no one said anything bout him yet but.. by MikuMikugremlin85

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Comments on "I know no one said anything bout him yet but.." by MikuMikugremlin85

I saw him before :(

Look it up he’s not real it must have not auto saved

I used to believe that till I watched my cousin play Minecraft. He saw him lmao

But I still don't believe that it was herobrine

Even though I saw him


Hero brine isn’t in the code

My sister believed it until I told her to look it up and noticed it was fake (and she is older than me!

(Copied and pasted)

No, Herobrine doesn't exist, despite the fact he was seen by other player and have evidence that he was real. ... Herobrine isn't real. He was just one of the creepypastas that people made up. Some say he was Notch's dead brother.

Stack Exchange › gaming › questions

Does Herobrine exist? - Arqade

Yep not real just saying this cause thing are going around that “hero brine” is in 1.16

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