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New Series! (Need a title for it) by MikuMikugremlin85

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Comments on "New Series! (Need a title for it)" by MikuMikugremlin85

So it’s a series about to friends, (Sakura and Yuri) (Sakura: one with brighter pink hair and twin tails) (Yuri one with redder pink hair) who are completely different. Sakura is a outgoing fun girl. Yuri is a more keep to herself person who follows the rules. They have been friends since the beginning, and Yuri has been depressed, feeling worthless. Sakura knows this, and wants to show her all the wonderful things life has to offer. Sakura kind of drags Yuri into this. Yuri argues that she’s fine, and that she doesn’t need this, although Sakura knows that’s not true. Sakura is still on a mission to save her friend from sadness, that She knows. She has Yuri try baking, cooking, collecting (figures ect), music, ect. Yuri is still questioning why Sakura is doing this. Sakura admits her love to Yuri, and doesn’t know what to say

That’s all I got so far, so let me know what a idea for a few titles are :D

Oml I spent 13 minutes writing that-

title: vodka




i feel like making a seires but im bored

sooooooooooooo idk

and XD ai-

i was convinced makiyah was gonna say "no title" but ok lol

ok ok this is a yuri anime I can tell

(dont blame me for watching things like that but I was like 8 and didn't know what is what)


(wait- got the word "yuri mixed up with another one-

which doesn't matter because I searched yuri anime and k on was one of them ;D)

ok ok title ideas lol


-SaYuri because their names "Sayori"

-i need to think of more wait lol

-bottles because bottling up emotions

-repression because search it

.ok, lol its not yuri series XD

Also I rlly like the name bottles-


Ima think about it :D

me made fan art despite the fact there isnt even a series yet

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