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I have never had a true friend ;-; by squishy_bunbun666

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Comments on "I have never had a true friend ;-;" by squishy_bunbun666

i'll be ur friend

squishy_bunbun6664 months ago

all my friends ive mad have one, turned on me and started being mean or two, they ignore me and they never talk to me again (and then I move schools ;-; because my mom always changes our school)

squishy_bunbun6664 months ago


squishy_bunbun6664 months ago

but :> im alive on this site still

kodiwolf224 months ago


MakiyahArt4 months ago

:.c srry if i havent talk to ya

;-; i feel bad for u squish

StarryNight4 months ago

Im your true friend.

_ace325_4 months ago

wait are u bunbunpie?

squishy_bunbun6664 months ago

ty Lizari and starry :> and no im not bunbunpie

ACNH4 months ago

iam your bestie and true friend it was sad how you were gonna leave this site but im happy your still here

Ai-4 months ago

i havent talked to you much but id like to be friends owo

Starry_Gem3 days ago

be my friend

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