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Comments on "Community Reddit-like post 1" by MyCatIsSooFat

MyCatIsSooFata year ago

What was the best time a bully at school got karma?

MyCatIsSooFata year ago

Once in my school there was this kid who pushed me off the table during lunch and I bled. He was sent to the principles office and I got to skip the lesson so I could eat

StarryNeptunea year ago

My teacher lost it when the whole class wouldn't stop talking. A bully was ticking me off so my teacher yelled at him and got in a lot of trouble.

The next year, some bullies got in trouble for being ducks (ahem its censored) and coughing on me (it was when covid was starting to become a thing)

the_streaka year ago
the_streaka year ago

i think its a good thing i don´t have a story to share. Maybe?

eredd123a year ago

So this girl was calling me inappropriate names (keep in mind that this was 2nd grade) and when I told my mom, she told her mom that I had called her the names. She started bragging about how she got away with it. Both of our mothers are teachers, so news spread pretty quickly. Other kids started standing up for me, and in the end, the girl and her mom were so embarrassed that they ended up moving away about a year later. They told everyone that their daughter was getting bullied so no one would be suspicious.

sanscomictva year ago

not my story but still relevent once a kid named uhh im gonna call him rick was walking around with is lunch money but then the school aid picked up his money and said if want your money back pic up and throw away 10 pieces of trash so basicly the school aid was blackmailing rick into tdoing her own job but then the school aid became a teacher and had to deal with noisy kids for a year

StarryNeptunea year ago

1. @eredd123 😎👌

2. @sanscomictv w o w

YonataNinjaa year ago


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