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why i want to quit art by BubblesFlew

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Comments on "why i want to quit art" by BubblesFlew

bonbon15 days ago


BubblesFlew15 days ago

1. its so far my only future

2. its my only good trait so far

3. i can only draw animals and sketches

4. i only make friends by art ( i want to interesting in another way )

5. i have really improved from the past 2 years

6. its the only thing my mom labels about me

MakiyahArt15 days ago


LebrontheGoat2315 days ago
LebrontheGoat2315 days ago

isnt it supposed to be good your good at drawing

sharkblade90015 days ago

no pls don't ugfujblosaf

You can keep the trait, and add on more amazing things.

I believe in yuu ;-;

BubblesFlew15 days ago

@sharkblade900 i mean i could but that the only thing i have

BubblesFlew15 days ago

so far im learning violin

StarryNight15 days ago

You could do more, for example, the violin. You could learn to play more songs on it. Then, you could learn to play more instruments.

Secondly, art is might be your soulmate. It's something you could always improve on, and create more of. You could try sculpting instead of drawing all the time. Try learning how to animate more, to bring drawings to life.

There are so many more things to work on in this world. Some things might not fit you, some will. You never know unless you try.

(Also if there are spelling mistakes, mind me. I was typing very fast).

sharkblade90015 days ago

keep that motivationnnnnnnn

JBSuperboy1615 days ago

You can go to animation school

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