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New OC's! Bun and Alex! by Rizabuggles

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  • Created: a month ago
  • Last updated: a month ago
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  • Length: 38 frames, 9.4s
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Comments on "New OC's! Bun and Alex!" by Rizabuggles

Rizabugglesa month ago

This animation is punishment to me for no uploading an animation for a few days. I've been busy today, I had my birthday dinner as i was quarantining due to covid-19. My B-day was on the 23rd of Febuary. I turned 10 on the 23rd of Febuary. Which is my birthday. This is my apology for being busy. Enjoy!

CIRCUS_BABYa month ago

Wow i'm only 8 WAAA

apersondrawinga month ago

wow. nice job. better than what i can do. [heh.]

JBSuperboy16a month ago

can you draw me

Rizabugglesa month ago

@JBSuperboy16 send me your oc

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