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Q&A? OwO by Dinosaur

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Comments on "Q&A? OwO" by Dinosaur

sharkblade9008 months ago

1. can i have a hug

2. on behalf of Ai-, did you watch Dora the Explorer growing up?

3. what do you use to draw digitally?

4. i wuv yuu (not a question but eH)

animatorweasel8 months ago

Are you human?

Words, yes or no?

How are trees?

Are you crocodile?

StarryNight8 months ago

1. OwO

2. What's your favorite dinosaur

3. i love you :D

PianoPeachPear8 months ago

1) How old are you?

2) What grade are u in?

(Thats all, I love ur art, BTW)

Dinosaur8 months ago


1. Of course OoO * hugs *

2. Nop, ¿Qué es eso? O.o

3. Computaah and mouse (por eso están bien chuecos mis dibujos alv)

3. I wuv yuu toooo 。.:☆*:・'(*⌒u⌒*)))


1. maybe

2. Yes?

3. Alive

4. Almost (dinooo)


1. OwO

2. Brontosaurus and plesiosaurus

3. I love ya toooo `;:゛;`;・(°ε° )


1. 16 O///o

2. 2o año de bachillerato (I am from México sooo I don't know your system for that xd)

3. No puedo creerlo. I love your art too! uwu

animatorweasel8 months ago


Ramon7 months ago

1 ya like jazz?

2do you like apples?

3 do you believe in the sacred UwU?

Dinosaur7 months ago


1. Yeah, but I only know a few song UuU

2. Not really, too sweet xd

3. 《《o(≧◇≦)o》》 yeaaah

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