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My mind flash warning by Shadow7a

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  • Created: 10 days ago
  • Last updated: 3 days ago
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  • Length: 194 frames, 77.6s

Comments on "My mind flash warning" by Shadow7a

Rizabuggles10 days ago

also was this inspired by me

VeganPenguin10 days ago

this is either something so beautiful its beyond my comprehension- or just random pictures of hearts

Shadow7a10 days ago

No it was just about my life

Rizabuggles9 days ago

ok but this seems so similar to mine.

Shadow7a5 days ago

Look my lifes hard to live and I hate mental god dam brake down so I recommend you either stop looking at this stupid post I was only going to credit you but I got tired and fell asleep ok >=(

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