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Zoom for everyone! Look in chat!!! by Linosyth

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Comments on "Zoom for everyone! Look in chat!!!" by Linosyth


Sorry but I wont be able to join. I will be asleep

@Lg_Holland 12 at mid-day!? BRUH

Its 1:46 pm!

*there are different time zones!!!*

I'm not joining.

It's a ZOOM.

Wait where are you? I am in Sacremento, California

And it's 10:47 here

I live in Maryland

Cams and Mics are optional btw so poeple can keep their identities and not show it

This zoom is avail anytime so you can join even when I didn't start it. :D

Welp since its on now im gonna have a meeting in 10 mins that will go to 7:00

ok that's fine

thx. well Maybe Ill join. Idk

Maybe i can have to meeting at the same time HAHAA


ok i guess lol

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