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Sober Drunk *story in the comments* by Toby_Hoodie_Masky

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Comments on "Sober Drunk *story in the comments*" by Toby_Hoodie_Masky

Toby_Hoodie_Masky3 months ago

storytime!! I had a sip of my dads champagne and it was disgusting, but it was a tiny sip so I'm not drunk that's how I'm sober. but I FEEL drunk so that's how I'm drunk. all in all I'm a sober drunk. UwU

MakiyahArt3 months ago


carlsojr3 months ago


FoxSpirit3 months ago


MakiyahArt3 months ago


Toby_Hoodie_Masky3 months ago

YeEeE Hey fox!! XD it's ChAmPaGnE aNd VoDkA XD

StarryNight2 months ago

*I had champagne once. I was bitter. I hated it- but don't worry cuz it was a sip. I'm not going into the story-*

ninjakid_972 months ago

ey were did u go toby?

i went away

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