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Stowy twime by MikuMikugremlin85

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So, I’m still doing full online school. We have a free-write period where we can just write whatever we want. I always write Wait in a notebook, just for a ideas for the animated part (note that barley anyone knows about it). Then I hadda “show my work” I never hadda before, and I tried not to, for a few reasons: if I “showed my work” to my class, I would probably get in trouble for some of the stuff, since I didn’t let anyone read it before, the last thing I’d wanna do is let my class read it and I don’t like people lookin through my stuff in general. So I was just kinda staring at the screen like some idiot, and my teacher said “staring won’t do anything. Just do it” and I panicked, and I left the meet and went back on went I felt she would forget LOLOLLLLLL

That was kinda traumatic Lol


im so sorry that mustve been terrible but thats a nice story

Oh my-

I know how that feels. I hope you feel better tho-

my teacher kinda forgot about it so it wasn’t that bad-

I was a lil shook up after it tho XD

But it’s the kinda thing that you think is the worst moment of your life when it is happening, but when you look back on it, it’s just kinda funny


i would've quickly searched up some story on google and then read that insteAD

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