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Tutrial on how to use da paint bucket by TheDestroyer

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  • Created: 2 months ago
  • Last updated: 2 months ago
  • Version: 2
  • Length: 32 frames, 5.8s
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Comments on "Tutrial on how to use da paint bucket" by TheDestroyer

yonatan2 months ago

i draw tho in many diffrent shapes...and it ussually doesnt work

StarryNight2 months ago

Just make sure there aren't any gaps, and you can fill.

yonatan2 months ago

oh..okee, thx

s124098432 months ago

this doesnt work i tried like 100000 times

s124098432 months ago

it fills the entire background for some reason

Jesse-taku2 months ago

u have to zoom

yonatan2 months ago


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