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I was bored... Don’t judge me by TheMooseMaster

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  • Created: 22 days ago
  • Last updated: 22 days ago
  • Version: 1
  • Length: 14 frames, 1.4s
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Comments on "I was bored... Don’t judge me" by TheMooseMaster

stop this is my animation

dude... I never heard of you until you stole my animation. I made it, and you didn’t have it in your studio. Then your copy showed up in the gallery. Now, I have no idea how it says made 13 days ago, but I know I made it first.

Also, I commented on your video when I first saw it and it was made after this one.

But now it is earlier for some reason. You also have an animation made 14 days ago but your studio says your account was made 13 days ago.


They probably hacked it in.

Daddelkungen 8 days ago

stop this is my animation

well, if you look at when the animations were made, it clearly isn't yours.

but ye they could have hacked

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