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Group shot uwu (summer edition) by MikuMikugremlin85

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  • Created: 3 months ago
  • Last updated: 3 months ago
  • Version: 9
  • Length: 5 frames, 0.5s

Comments on "Group shot uwu (summer edition)" by MikuMikugremlin85

Did the fill button not work?

I know you used it before, and sometimes it doesn't work for me, but like

Just wondering

Also good drawing >v<

yea it doesnt work for me but i also kinda wanted the look of a real photo if you know what i mean

hang on hang onnnnnnnnnnn

who is dem ppls

btw you're a tru artist

i love ur style

its you in the middle im on one side (<) and ai is on this side (>) tacopop on top anibot on bottom and meehankmee on the top side

and ty so much!

it's a masterpiece ovo uvu


Aw thanks so much :D and your welcome anibot!

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