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<unfinished but you can look) by Ai-

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  • Created: 7 months ago
  • Last updated: 7 months ago
  • Version: 1
  • Length: 24 frames, 2.4s
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Comments on "<unfinished but you can look)" by Ai-

MakiyahArt7 months ago


sharkblade9007 months ago

Lord I did that once

and it ended up brutal xD

jesse7 months ago

no. i love it shark

AshRose7 months ago


MikuMikugremlin857 months ago

Aww! This is so good >0<

Ai-7 months ago


i was gonna rename this "animator but its an opening" so it doesnt look like i copied shark lmaoo

MikuMikugremlin857 months ago


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