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im grade 4! by zachanimates123

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Comments on "im grade 4!" by zachanimates123

StarryNight11 days ago


4th grade's not a bad year.

It was the best year of school for me, actually.

I hope you're lucky enough to have really good teachers.

zachanimates12311 days ago

: D thanks!

MissDragonet11 days ago

brooooo tbh i though u were older! ur 2 grades behind me! Trust me when i say this... do well on ur test since i believe it will place u in middle school! SOOOO give it ur best shot and have the BEST year in ur life! (honestly 5th was the best for mee V^V)

sharkblade90011 days ago

grade 4 was alright

but grade 5 would be the time of your grade school life

zachanimates12310 days ago

Thanks guys! : D

Ramon10 days ago

this year i am going to 7th also 4th grade was a cool grade for me

good luck @Ramon on grade 7

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