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backrooms S1E1 by SonicandSpongebob12

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  • Length: 900 frames, 67.5s
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Description for this show: At first everything had started with a fight that no one knows about then something had appeared out of black's pocket that made everything not be normal. not knowing what world they are in they both in, they try to survive the world's that they mysteriously keep going into but they have to work together no matter the cost and try to escape The Backrooms. @averagekid @Kaz2 @swaflux @GhastSonic @HazyVision-P2 @Krillin

can you guys try to help me with this show it can be the different styles of the way we all make animation but when we end on of our episodes they have to go throw a green portal in a purple vortex going through different world's sooo can you pls help me?


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@GhastSonic can you help me ?


i have a lot of stuff going on in my life rn, but I'll try

@SonicandSpongebob12 said:

@GhastSonic can you help me ?


wait but the backrooms has that weird creepy endless rooms with the yellowish tint and lights that buzz with spaghetti monster

yeah but there are different levels of the back rooms not just one place

1yr ago


1yr ago

wow 0: how long did it take you to make this?

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