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Second acc (Wolfy711) by Ranboo

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Comments on "Second acc (Wolfy711)" by Ranboo

Ranboo4 months ago

i actually just wanted to claim this name, also sub to ranboo on youtube and follow ranbooLIVE on twitch

Onyx4 months ago

i personally prefer schlatt

wolfy7114 months ago

i bought his mob-schlatt youtooz before but then found out he says not so good things on twitter and gave it to my friend

Toby_Hoodie_Masky4 months ago

I prefer Dream, George, Tubbo and Tommy- but yee

Onyx4 months ago

oof- is it okay if i ask what he said

wolfy7114 months ago

the n word and some other racist stuff i didnt look into

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